We Are Hadasah - Helping Sisters Become Women Of Substance
Welcome to WE ARE HADASAH 
where our aim and our focus is to be a support to the women of Yasharal, born in or grafted in, newly reborn, struggling with identitpy,  looking for purpose, strong and wise, or who are just seeking fellowship with like minded and spirited women.
We Are Hadash, offers an Our Sister’s Keeper program, which focuses on mentoring and providing educational and emotional and spiritual support.
Our website offers instructional guides and links to websites that give insight on the topics of homeschooling, motherhood, marriage, YHUH’s commands, clean eating, and more. We offer sisters in need basic care packages, which include hair coverings and other forms of modest clothing.  
We Are Hadasah, places a huge emphasis on sharing information that will help our sisters understand what it means to be the women YHUH expects them to be.  From eating clean, to dressing modestly, we are fully committed to being Our Sister’s Keeper, in every aspect imaginable.  Basing our example on that shown by our foremother, Hadasah, and on the description in Mashly 31:10-31, we set our sights on encouraging without criticizing, esteeming without idolizing, and supporting at all times. 
We chose Hadasah, of all the women mentioned in HaSapharym, because we saw that she had learned to see YHUH wherever she looked. She saw Him as her only parent and she let His presence be her guide.  In other words, she looked beyond her immediate circumstances, and saw the reality of YHUH’s promises to His children.   
We should all use her example of quiet strength, humility, sensitivity and compassion toward her people, to encourage us to see past the nonsense in today’s society and its expectations of behavior, to fulfilling YHUH’s expectations of modesty in our walk, our talk, our behavior, our character, and our dress.   
We all have our issues and problems. But, rather than allowing them to lead us towards sin and disobedience, we should focus on the love and compassion of our Father toward His people.  Using the Word of YHUH as our first and foremost instruction, we embrace our call to weep, mourn, lament, teach, instruct, support, empower, and encourage our sisters to see YHUH where we never believed He could be found – inside us. 
We can be bold and courageous as we deal with the terrific pressure of living separate lives in a world that expects conformity to its rules and regulations, instead of adherence to the instructions, commands, and statutes of YHUH.