Woman of Substance - AShT-ChYL MY YMTsA
A Woman of Substance Who Finds?  MAShLY 31:10
The purpose of this website is to continue to do what YHUH rightly-ruled in In His Turah and in the Bashurah of His Son, and  that’s obey HIS Turah and spread HIS Truth to all mankind.  As women pressing every day to become women of substance, Women YHUH can use to reach the hearts and souls of people of all nations, we pray that every word found within the pages of this website is acceptable in HIS sight.  Until He says so, we will continue to speak and write the truth.  We  understand that what is penned here will not be accepted by all, as many harden their hearts to the truth.  But, we serve YHUH, and our obedience and reverence is to Him and Him Only!  We refuse to speak or write the lies that are an abomination to HIM. 
If you love Yahusha, you will love His Father and Obey HIS Turah.  We love Our Creator and YHUH is HIS Name!  We love Our Redeemer, We know that He lives and Yahusha is HIS Name!  
We couldn't quite make up in our minds whether or not to write a book or what to write, how to write it and when to publish it.  
Instead of a book, YHUH spoke and said, "I'm not for sale."  What powerful words those were.  So, out of obedience, we are presenting Him to you, the same way He presented Himself to us, free of charge.
After much study, searching the Scriptures daily, and seeking the Father's Face, we pen the following words with truth, honesty and absolute humilty.
We have verified the information written here via several encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons and study guides.  However, the ultimate source of the information  comes from Scripture. 
Seeking YHUH's permission, wisdom and knowledge, we pray that every word written on this website is acceptable to Him, because it is Him that we serve. 
Many may not like nor understand the words that are written on these pages, and to them, we offer no apologies, but for them, we pray for understanding and acceptance of YHUH's Truth.
We have been told by friends and family alike, that we're doing too much by taking the Word of YHUH so seriously.  We've been told by some that it doesn't take all that because YHUH knows what's in your heart.  Ever hear that? Guess what! They are right.  YHUH does know what's in the heart of man.  HE knows that their hearts are hardened and calloused.  He knows that their hearts are disobedient.  He knows that their hearts are led by self and geared towards flesh.  He knows that they would rather continue to forsake HIS way HIS will and HIS word. 
To them, we pose this question: "what else are we supposed to do but guard HIS words and HIS right-rulings and HIS commands and HIS turah, if we are to be truthful witnesses?"  Are we to do what one has literally said and win them with the lie and then lead them to the truth?  NO!  With loving kindess have I drawn thee the Redeemer said.  However, He also said, that HIS truth would set us free.  So that's what we are doing, witnessing to the truth of the Turah and the Bashurah of Yahusha, as it is revealed to us.
Some may turn a blind eye, and some may harden their hearts, but we're doing what we've been commissioned to do.  We are spreading the love of YHUH, imparting His truth to the ends of the earth, for all who are willing to hear and see. 
Just like us, this website will always be a work in progress. 
We invite you to be immersed into the name of the Father and the Son so that you too can receive an outpouring of the Ruach of YHUH.  We invite you to walk with us, as we continue our journey of becoming Women of Substance.....
 In love, We witness to you YHUH’s Truth and not man’s doctrine.  
In YHUH's Name WePray!  It Is So!